The Inn at Sunset Cliffs

We've provided high quality accommodation services since the 1950s!

Front Hotel SignHere at the Inn at Sunset Cliffs our goal is to create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere. We believe everyone should take the time to really enjoy life. Take a deep breath and relax. Our property has been a lush garden for many years now and the colors of brightness create a mellow tone to the location. We want you to feel completely comfortable here at the Inn at Sunset Cliffs. Many of our guests have been visiting us for years, up to 45 years actually! You will often find our returning guest cruising our property either with no shoes and no shirt on or in their hotel robes and slippers. We enjoy this atmosphere and want everyone to experience San Diego living.

The Inn at Sunset Cliffs is a very green-friendly hotel. We do all necessary to not affect the environment in today’s world. We do everything from purchasing the most energy-efficient supplies to as far as only paying our bills online. We will always do what we can to help the environment and our economy. We are in a remote section of San Diego, CA. Our local neighborhoods do NOT have many commercial chain properties and we agree to think globally and act locally. Ocean Beach and Point Loma areas want to keep small “mom & pop” businesses going for as long as we can. We support our local businesses and would rather give our money to locals instead of some commercial chain business that doesn’t need the money.